Replacement Cushion Covers

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Replacement Cushion Covers

Quality replacement sofa cushion covers will add new life to your sofa at a fraction of the cost of buying a new sofa. Before you think about replacing your sofa, consider buying a set of replacement sofa cushions.

When choosing a sofa most folks think in terms of color, style, cost and comfort. Few people give a lot of thought to the type of material used to make the sofa cushions. After a few years, you may notice that the sofa cushions feel flat and lack the same comfort and support you enjoyed when the sofa was brand new. With the exception of the cushions, the rest of the sofa is still in pretty good shape. The fabric is clean and does not show signs of wear. The style of the sofa still fits in with your room decor, but the squishy sofa cushions have you thinking about purchasing a new sofa.

Replacement sofa cushions can save you both time and money. It is possible to purchase replacement sofa cushions that are of a higher quality than the originals, adding years of service to your existing sofa. It may take a long time but even the best sofa cushion foam will begin to break down. Less expensive sofa cushions may contain less expensive grades of foam that will break down after only a few years of service. More expensive grades of sofa cushion foam may take longer to wear out. Either way, you can extend the useable life of your sofa by purchasing a quality set of replacement sofa cushions.

In the making of most sofas and other types of upholstered furniture, foam is a major component of the cushions. Grade of foam used for the seat cushions is different than the foam used in other areas of the sofa, like the sofa back and the arms. Furniture foam is manufactured in different grades and densities. Furniture manufacturers use of a particular grade of cushion foam is driven in large measure by product cost.

When buying replacement sofa cushions most folks opt for medium-density foam. Higher density foam can feel a little too stiff while low density foam will not feel supportive enough. A quality sofa replacement cushion should be wrapped in a layer of Dacron fiber. Dacron fiber will provide your replacement sofa cushions a softer feel without sacrificing support you are looking for.

Different Grades of Sofa Cushion Foam

The foam manufacturing industry uses several important criteria to grade upholstery foam. These criteria include indentation load deflection, density, resiliency and resistance to fire. By law upholstered foam products sold in the United States must conform to a minimum standard for fire resistance. To keep pace, the foam manufacturing industry must periodically reformulate their products. Fire resistant foam is likely to melt when exposed to a heat source but is not supposed to burn. If you have any question about whether a foam product conforms to the current standard for fire resistance, ask the retailer for a statement of conformance.

The term density is fairly self-explanatory. Foam density is rated as a combination of foam and air. More foam material and less air results in a heavier, denser foam. For example, a cubic foot of foam material weighing 3 pounds is less dense than the same volume of foam material weighing 6 pounds. The denser the foam material, the firmer the foam will feel.

The measure of resiliency is an indication of how long the foam material will hold its shape. High resilient foam will have a longer useable life than low resilient foam material. Though high resilient foam can cost more, it is worth the extra expense if you plan to keep your sofa for more than a few years.